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Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US

The kinds of Underwear Gay Men simply love

In this post, you will know the gay underwear style that gives you sexy look and uplift the confidence as well. Must try in this Pride Month.

So, here is Pride Month! Well, we'll focus on everything gay this month. Therefore, here we are with the mens underwear styles that gay men like.

pride month 2022

What do you think?

In this blog, let us take a look at the different kinds of underwear for men that gay men simply love.

Jockstraps for men

Men's jockstrap underwear is definitely the first on the list. Well, there can be so many reasons for their love for the men's jocks. In fact, you can count on the exposure that the open-back style provides. Moreover, the support that the streamlining fit below the belt that the style provides. Therefore, the low rise underwear is all about sex appeal, breathability, comfort, support, and a fashionable appeal. The Agacio jockstraps for men give you all these qualities to the best of their ability.

Briefs for men

Well, a lot of you might contradict here that brief underwear for men is the most conventional style. Moreover, how can it be for the gay population? Well, the heart wants what it wants. Therefore, it is one of the favorite underwear that gay men love. Furthermore, men's briefs provide the optimum support to the junk with the care that bulky fabric provides. When you're also wearing some wood, it's simpler to disguise it. They'll have less of a chance to clump together and form an inconvenient wedgie. When you're wearing tighter clothing, such as narrow jeans, briefs might also blend into the backdrop and go unnoticed.

Male thongs

The line of men thongs by Agacio is on the sexy-supportive side. In fact, you can depend on them for all your sporty and semi-athletic needs. Gay men love how exotic the revealing design of the men's jockstrap thong is. It is all about holding you up well with the sensuousness and sexiness they provide. The same goes with the g-strings as well.

Long Underwear

Long underwear are fun to wear. In fact, they provide support, coverage, and definition at once. Moreover, you can simply wear them regardless of the occasion. Furthermore, you can wear only them and lounge around and relax. Therefore, the long boxer underwear by Agacio is a combination of fashion and function below the belt.

Agacio is super happy to be a part of Pride Month 2022. The fashionable and functional collection by the label is an absolute hit. You can choose yours for Pride Month at affordable prices from the sale.


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