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This Valentine's donate boring men's underwear pairs to the dustbin

In this post, you will know about the, this Valentine's donate boring men's underwear pairs to the dustbin and pick some style mens underwear style. Read more

One of the most celebrated occasions which are acknowledged worldwide is Valentine's Day. It is believed that Valentine's Day was originated from a pagan fertility festival at the time of pre-Roman times in the United Kingdom and has been observed for thousands of years. 

Today 14th Feb is celebrated in different ways. You might be surprised to know that some countries have their Valentine's traditions too. If you like those traditions, you can follow them. But some couples like to keep this day simple and like to celebrate it in the old fashion. 

Agacio AGG053 The Cage Boxer

Now, all we need to do is look for ways of looking good and most important, confidence. To make your date night more special you need to pay attention to your outer and inner clothing as good quality men's underwear can give your immense confidence because they create a solid foundation. 

So, if you are feeling pressurized to look good, it's time to donate your boring men's underwear pairs to the dustbin and switch to these comfortable and sexy men's underwear.

Ditch these men's underwear pairs

  • Boxers

The very first style that you shouldn't be wearing on Valentine’s Day is none other than your boxers. Boxer underwear looks great and is appropriate for your everyday comfort but not for Valentine's Day. The reasons are extra fabric and bagginess. 

We are not denying the importance of comfort, however, comfort is not everything when we are talking about looking good on special occasions. You need to wear pairs that can accentuate your features, comfortable, breathable, and supportive. And apart from comfort, you won't find any other feature in boxers. 

  • Briefs

Briefs underwear for men is snug-fitted, comfortable, and easy to handle. Still, we won't suggest you wear this style on Valentine's Day because they are your regular pairs. Your partner must have seen you in men's briefs hundred times. It's time that you surprise your partner.

Men's underwear pairs that deserve your attention

  • Men's jockstrap underwear
  • Jockstrap underwear for men is appropriate for 14th Feb as it's different and stylish. This pair of men's lingerie provides added lift that changes the appearance of your genitals i.e. they start looking heftier and butt much tighter and firmer. Further, it consists of a pouch as well as an elastic rear lift. Men's jockstrap underwear helps you fill your trousers or any bottom wear rightly hence, your partner doesn't feel like taking his/her eyes away. 

    Agacio AGE002 Jockstrap


    Along with that, male jockstrap, being a minimalistic underwear style mainly focuses on the private parts. Furthermore, brands are coming up with various styles that have bold and daring waistbands. Also, the color palettes used by them make this pair look hotter and sexier.

  • Men's bikini underwear
  • We understand that not every man feels confident and secured mentality in pairs like Jockstrap and G-string underwear. As a result, we have come up with bikini underwear. It's not only sexy, stylish but provides wearer complete coverage.

    Agacio AGI014 The Styled Brief

    If you look at the design of this style, you will find some kind of similarity between men's bikinis and brief underwear. The snug fit of the pouch ensures that your manhood stays in right place.

  • Men's thong underwear
  • Lastly, we have thong underwear for men which is again great for beginners and men who want to stay comfortable and fashionable. This lightweight pair of men's underwear is available in different fabrics such as satin, lace, mesh, and sheer. Hence, the best pair to pick for yourself this Valentine is the one made out of any of these fabrics. 

    Agacio AGK020 Zap Thong

    This sexy male underwear even enhances the shape of your manhood and physique. This men's underwear pair let you flaunt your natural shape of your physique in fitted clothes.


    So, now you don't have to worry or feel the pressure of looking good. It's time to wear these styles and become the spotlight. You can shop your favorite men's underwear styles from Agacio.


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