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Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US

Here is How To Make Your Men's Jockstraps Last Longer

With a jockstrap, you don't have to. Get the fit just right and a jockstrap is a far more comfortable option for day-long wear than any tight underwear. Here are few reasons to make your jockstraps last longer.

Once you invest in a particular product, no matter whether it is big or small, you want it to last long and you do not have to replace it every now and then. Especially, if you are someone who earns just enough to buy your living it is difficult for you to invest in an expensive product. You want them to be durable and is worthy of every penny. It is a normal want in everyone which is natural and occurs every time you go to buy a product. The same is with your clothing and your men's underwear.

You must have seen men giving concern to the durability of their underwear for men. They do not change their pair until the fabric gets worn out or the color gets faded. They invest in a pair and want it to serve them longer so that they do not have to run every time for a new pair. This is the case once men invest in an expensive pair of male underwear. They want it to pay you back the money with the abilities it has.

Agacio AGE002 Jockstrap

If you are someone who wants your pair to serve you for a longer duration then you must know that there are some ways in which you should care about your undies in order to make them durable. Men's sexy underwear styles are made of delicate fabric and only treating them right would gift them a longer life. There are men who invest in a pair and throw them everywhere after they wear it and later expect their men's underwear to be perfect when they have to wear it again. This cannot happen. It takes special attention to treat your assets correctly in order to make the most out of them.

One such pair is men's jockstrap underwear which is found in every cupboard and since they are used for physical activities, men think that they do not need any attention in order to serve longer. But this is wrong. Every pair of undies need special attention and so does your pair of men's jockstraps. Once you know how to treat them right it will enhance the serving period of your pair.

To help you know the points about how to make your male jockstrap last longer, you can follow the blog below.

1. Make Sure You Do Not Throw Them in a Dryer

Dryer simply reduces the life span of your men's jockstraps as they are delicate and need to be handled with care. No matter whether you wear them for the gym or for sports exercises, they are made to support your assets and this can only happen when you clean them with your hands and do not shove them off in a dryer.


    Agacio AGE010 Thriller Jockstrap

    2. Make Sure You Dry Them Correctly 

    Drying your male jockstrap in direct sunlight would reduce the life while making the color to get faded. High temperatures also affect adversely when comes to a delicate fabric like your men's jockstrap underwear. Hence, you need to be cautious enough if you are putting your pair to dry. You can keep them in a shaded area where there is no direct sunlight.

      3. Make Sure You Clean Them After Every Wear

      Cleaning your pair of male jockstrap would add more life to it. As they are delicate and helps your assets to remain close to your body, it is essential for you to keep them clean for the next wear. It takes only a few minutes for you to wash them and they are ready to be worn again.


        Agacio AGE008 Jockstrap

        4. Make Sure You Do Not Use a Hard Detergent

        A hard detergent torn the fabric and you will see holes in it after some time. As hard detergents damage the delicate fabrics you need to be attentive while applying detergent on your men's jockstrap underwear .

        Agacio AGE009 Jockstrap

        A soft washing power would do the job and you'll have a clean pair without giving it a death sentence.

          5. Make Sure You Keep Them Properlya

          Keeping your men's jockstrap underwear properly is also necessary as they are delicate and can get damaged easily. It is also helpful in saving your time once you are in a hurry. Keeping your things properly saves a lot of time and helps your men's jockstrap underwear to serve you for a longer period.

          Agacio AGE007 Jockstrap

            With these points mentioned above, you can add life to your male jockstrap. Now follow these steps and you won't regret buying a pair.


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