Agacio AGE010 Thriller Jockstrap


  • Product Description

      This one of a kind jockstrap is a catch of an eye. Focused on covering your jewel with a comfortable pouch and leaving all your skin to glance upon, this sexy jockstrap for men allows you to show off your muscular thighs. Its pouch has a dual-tone feature, made with net-like mesh that allows your junk to breathe and also gives a perfect peek of it. Its conventional straps go all the way from the pouch to the back supporting your buttocks by giving them a perfect measured push. This push keeps them intact. But do not worry about the strap marks as you will never get any, because this jockstrap is focused to give you comfort every time. This sexy jockstrap for men comes in three natural colors which give you a sharp look. Supported by the thick strap, this men’s jockstrap gives a perfect grip to your junk.

      Agacio Waist
      Small (S) 27 - 29
      Medium (M) 30 - 32
      Large (L) 33 - 35
      Extra Large (XL) 36 - 38
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