Why Should You Choose Agacio Underwear?

Posted on April 07 2016

Agacio Underwear
Have you ever thought about why do you choose a particular men’s underwear brand? I was just flipping through my top drawer and realized that I have styles from very specific brands out of which Agacio is big one. I have about 11 pairs of the brand and about 9 from others. Then I thought I should pen down the reasons why Agacio should be your must-have apparel brand.

1. Designed by men for men

The first reason why you should actually opt for styles by Agacio is that men design the style for men wearers. The logic behind it is that the brand thinks that men only can understand the intimate needs and hence, men designers work really hard to get the best on the surface for the modern male population.

2. Most comfortable brand in the industry

When the label was introduced in the industry, it claimed that Agacio uses the best of fabrics in order to provide the right kind of comfort down there. Though, it was skeptical back then, but Agacio has been proving itself time and again for its comforting appeal in all the pairs starting from bikini underwear for men to mens thong underwear. Most of the pairs are crafted with modal and spandex combine to give the best to the male anatomy.

3. Sack Lifting technique

Agacio introduced a unique Sack Lifting technique that enabled men to get the protruded bulge down there for better visibility even in the pants. As the brand calls it, “the perfect pouch for man”, it serves the true function of raising the position and keeping the manhood up and front.

4. Conventional cuts with a variety of designs

Agacio is a manly brand that does not hamper the traditional or conventional cuts, but adds icing on the cake by introducing newer designs and colors in every assortment. Whether it is solids, stripes or block patterns; the brand pulls off every cut with enthralling sophistication and delight.

5. A gamut of styles

Agacio features a gamut of styles from men’s brief underwear to thongs. You’ll find mens low rise bikinis, boxer brief underwear, boxer shorts and men’s jockstraps. You name it and the brand has it all.

These reasons aren’t enough? Do let us know what should or can be added in the reasons to shop from agacio.com in the comments below.


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