What Makes Agacio Boxer Briefs So Special?

Posted on August 19 2016

What Makes Agacio Boxer Briefs So Special | Agacio
The very first aspect that makes men’s boxer briefs by Agacio so special is that they are made by Agacio itself. The brand was introduced with the motto of providing the most comfortable men’s underwear to men which are made by men themselves. The label started off on a high note and has been keeping up to the promise till date. Though the initial offerings focused more on the comfort and the feeling keeping style as secondary, as the time passed Agacio gained the experience of handling both fashions, and function with great precision as well as expertise.

The bestseller assortments include men’s brief underwear and boxer briefs by the brand, we’re going to focus on the latter for being so special for the male anatomy. Apart from providing the best of both the worlds (briefs and boxers), the collection of men’s boxer brief underwear by the brand has many more aspects that make every product very special. Let us look at the aspects of fashionable pieces offered at agacio.com.

a.Varied lengths: When you go through the inventory, the very first aspect worth noticing is the variety of lengths available at the brand store. Whether you love short length of maximum coverage on the legs, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone. Some pieces might look like elongated trunks while others would go all the way till the knee to streamline the thighs; Agacio has it all.

b.Pouch options: Each and every product in the category is designed to lift and enhance the visibility of the package. Starting from the conventional Sack Lifting technology to thick outline piping around the pouch, Agacio focuses on keeping the male anatomy front and forwarding for the right visibility in the pants.

c.Modern designs: Like I mentioned above, the first assortment by Agacio was the ‘Basics’ that can be described as solid pieces with oozing out functionality. Eventually, the brand became comfortable with the changing trends and incorporated a variety of colors with masculine prints such as blocks, mesh fabrics, horizontal stripes, and many more. The solids, on the other hand, are available in a variety of colors.

d.Elastic waistband: Elastic waistband is an integral part of men’s boxer briefs. However, there are other brands that out-of-creativity do not incorporate it. Agacio boxer briefs and broad waistband with logo go hand in hand throughout the catalog. These keep a strong grip on the waistline for the right fit.

If you wish to see the products yourself, click here. Do let us know your feedback on the boxer briefs by Agacio in the comments below.


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