What Are the Side Effects of Tight Men's Brief?

Posted on March 04 2020

What are the side effects of tight men's brief?

Wearing men's lingerie is very important because it keeps you protected from rashes, cuts, and wounds that happen due to the hard fabric of your trousers but that doesn't mean you will keep on wearing men's lingerie which is tight to you as it leads to skin issues.


Instead of doing good for your manhood, you might land up into big trouble so next time when you spot that redness around your skin while removing your brief underwear for men, discard them.


Other reasons to avoid tight briefs are mentioned below, do have a look at them as well.

Why men should avoid tight underwear?

According to doctors, the temperature of testes should be lower than the whole body so if you wear tight men's lingerie it can raise the temperature of the testes to rise, not only that but it reduces the quality and amount of sperms produced which can cause problems in a later stage of life.

men's underwear

One should even avoid wearing compressed lingerie at the time of sleep as it squeezes the testes. Apart from tight lingerie, one should even avoid dirty men's lingerie as it can lead to infection down there. Itching, inflammation, bacterial infection and wounds are some health issues which will build up if you keep on wearing dirty underwear, whether boxers or men's brief because they clog your sweat.


Washing men's lingerie every day won't take too much time as they are not like your shirts or denim i.e. they are not as long as your other outfits. Cotton is the best fabric for your lingerie as it keeps you breathable and is easy to wash as well. If you like you can iron it as well.

Men should always keep at least eight pairs of brief underwear just for safety purposes so that due to your busy schedule you don't end up wearing dirty lingerie. Dirty underwear can stink and cause bad odor.


Side effects of men's tight brief.

1. Skin Diseases

One should avoid wearing men's tight underwear because the rubbing of the fabric against the skin can cause chafing. Another reason for chafing is loose-fitting or improper underwear as it creates extra friction hence you should always consider wearing men's underwear which is meant for you.


Tight briefs for men can cause red spots around your groin and waistline hence avoid them. If men's lingerie is of your size it will beautifully enhance your body contour and keeps you in proper shape. Tight undie can cause urinary tract infection in women as well.


2. Hampers Air Circulation

Air circulation is very important in your intimate areas to maintain hygiene. Compressed underwear doesn't let your manhood breathe properly which leads to the deposit of excessive sweat.

men's brief underwear

3. Decreases Sperm Count 

Compressed underwear can lead to low sperm count which is another problem as it can lead to low sex drive, pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle area. Tight men's brief does lead to a rise in temperature around scrotum which decreases sperm production.


4. Tight brief underwear makes you uncomfortable.

Well, if you are wearing tight underwear its impossible for you to move left or right because you won't get the option of movement. Neither you can exercise or work satisfactorily at the office. Also, it can be torn easily anywhere and at any time which can be the reason for embarrassment. You get the feeling as if your soul has been trapped. 


5. Affects blood circulation

Another reason why you should avoid wearing extremely body-hugging lingerie because it affects the flow of your blood which results in numbness of the nerves as it won't let oxygen flow through blood flow and when your tissues don't get enough oxygen, chances of tissue death might take place.

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