Ways to construct your wardrobe with thongs

Posted on October 18 2017

Ways to construct your wardrobe with thongs
When you are in love with something, you make sure that everything else that has something to do it with also enhances the charm. Being a men’s underwear fanatic, it always gives me pleasure to go basic and see how can I team up my basics with the outfits.

Do I sound crazy??

Absolutely yes, until I had someone coming up to me and asking if I could suggest him what can he wear with his thongs for men.

Agacio Underwear

It was then I thought, when men can coordinate their skivvies according to their outfits, why not we swap the trend?

Let's get down to know how can we (as men) construct a wardrobe or style with thongs?

Pick the right size - no matter what happens

When it comes to complimenting the outfit, one needs to make sure that the size of their thong or even bikini underwear or even men’s briefs are well chosen. After all, you don’t want your waistband popping up time and again when you indulge in any kind of activity. That’s not even a problem but what is - when you bend or stretch, the waistband rises and with it the back string or strap causing you irritation in the butt crack. So pick the right size.

Straight fit or formed fit trousers


Do you like to shake your booty? Well, you actually can and find nothing weird about it because when your team up your low rise underwear with men’s jeans that fit you well, no protruded lines come up. In fact, with no fabric on the buttocks, what’s visible outside are the rounder version of the same.

Baggy pants

Baggy Pants

Baggy pants have always been a favorite for the younger generations because of the swag that they’re able to flaunt in the same. Thongs by Agacio are quite popular for being the conventionally supportive ones. Hence, you will be able to show off your personality with the support that’s needed in the right place, i.e., the pouch.



Talking about summers (I know this is late..but there’s always an another summer), thongs with shorts sound the most idealistic pair one can ask for in the scorching heat. With the short shorts, roomy design and thongs that let your assets breathe well, there can nothing be better.

Compression shorts

Compression shorts are quite tight if you take a closer look, but if have a pair of the respective style inside them, the situation will be better. Your manhood will not suffer the wrath of chafing or itchiness or even rashes while you spend time doing what you want to.

How would you style your thongs for a dashing look? Do let us know in the comments below.


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