Tips For Pulling Off the Dashing Look

Posted on July 26 2017

Tips For Pulling Off the Dashing Look|White oxford shirt|Classy chinos||Denims/ Chinos|A Button Down Shirt|Denim/chinos
What do you mean by dashing look when it’s about a simple denim and a white shirt? Guys, it can be fine a day or two but, seriously all of us deserve a makeover right? In fact, a new look can give us a good feeling about ourselves. It gives us an extra confidence to perform well at the meetings, get together, date nights or whatever. So, when we talk about a makeover, what can be the dressing or grooming options? Read on to find out.

1. Work

a) White oxford shirt

The most versatile of its kind, the white oxford shirt can be teamed up with anything and everything you have. The classiness provided by this shirt remains unmatched by the others attires. If you have an important business meeting lined up for the day then, you can opt for the same.

White oxford shirt

b) Classy chinos

The formal trousers are much outdated as the cool chinos have made a grand entry into the industry. These bottoms keeps the wearer comfortable down there due to the cotton- and linen-blends that stay soft on the skin. They are available in ample of color options like beige, white, navy and gray as they can present formal cum casual look.

Classy chinos

c) Underwear

Opt for the pouch underwear for men. The pouch enhancing capabilities of the underwear provides the right lift to the genitals which results in an impressive front profile.

d) Accessories

Office accessories calls for leathers belts, oxford shoes and watches. Make sure that the belt color and the shoe color is the same. Different shades does not display a professional look.

2. Casuals

a) Polo t-shirts

Polo shirts, the smart attire is easy to carry, maintain and very smart when it comes to summers. They keep you comfortable while adding a pinch of hotness to your overall look. Ensure to opt for the right fit as they accentuate your well-toned body.

Polo t-shirts

b) Denims/ Chinos

Denim is fine but what about chinos? Chinos can also be worn as casuals because they come under the business casuals. Apart from that, the fabric composition incorporated in them ensures the maximum comfort to the wearer, especially for the summers.

Denims/ Chinos

c) Underwear

Opt for a breezy attire as roaming the full day out without any circulation to the assets can cause rashes. Hence, keep on eye on underwear fabrics. Opt for men's nylon underwear that helps in absorbing the sweat down there while keeping you comfortable down there.

Agacio Brief

d) Accessories

Opt for casual watches. Footwear options call for sneakers or sandals that can complete the look that you want to deliver.

3. Date Nights

a) A Button Down Shirt

A button down shirt with the first two button opened is the hottest attire that you can wear. It may sound very normal but women like men who wear button down shirt with their sleeves rolled up. It adds sexiness to your overall personality.

A Button Down Shirt

b) Denim/chinos

You can opt for chinos if you think that you girl loves to see you in formals. You can tuck in the shirt with the chinos. Otherwise, let your shirt lay out with casual denim at the bottom.


c) Underwear

Go for sexy underwear styles to keep up the confidence and the sex appeal with sensuously scintillating thongs or fashionable lacy jockstraps. They can effortlessly raise the temperature of your room if you have plans to drop her home. Maybe she can call you for a coffee. You know what I mean right!

d) Accessories

Grab a quality wrist watch and a good looking wallet for sure. It gives a good impression about yourself. Footwear options can be normal sneakers or loafers. Spray some perfume around your neck so that your girl stays close to you.

Above are some of the tips for the dashing look. If you feel that something has been missed out then, you can leave your comments in the section below.


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