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Posted on November 05 2017

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If you go through the blog list at Agacio, you would find a couple of blogs that specifically talk about low rise underwear for men. You would find the perks of owning the men’s underwear style, the options with which you can team the style up as well and more. Taking the next step in the same category, we understand that is readers must also know about the flip side of the pieces. Yes, we’re talking about the myths about the low rise pieces that you really need to get rid off before they become assumptions.

clear your mind

Talking about the myths, don’t you think it is necessary to clear your mind and experience the newer and bettered styles rather than stay deprived of them?? Laying down the commonest myths that have been doing rounds about the low rise pieces, this blog will be the enlightening one.

    • 1. Low rise pieces?? They are probably worn only with low rise pants:

      We have heard so many men saying this that it had to top the charts of the myths. Who said anything about the fit that will only fit in with low waist pants? When the intimate wear is made to sit low on your body, don’t you think that any kind of men’s jeans or pants or even shorts would be eligible to be worn with the same? Hence, there you go busting the first myth and making yourself open to the variety of trousers.

They are probably worn only with low rise pants

    • 2. New in the market - it has to be extremely expensive:

      Anything and everything that is new in the market is not expensive. One must know this because a men’s underwear brand like Agacio makes sure that the intimate wear is affordable for the wearers as well as pocket-friendly. When you take a look at the collections, you wouldn’t find any piece priced so high that you cannot buy. Hence, the low rise bikini underwear or male thongs at the brand store are priced in a way that they are accessible for the others.

New in the market - it has to be extremely expensive

    • 3. Have limited number because you won’t be wearing it every day:

      Low rise underwear isn’t exotic lingerie that you have to be occasion-specific in order to wear them. They are functional modern pairs made to be nylon underwear or of cotton fabric to suit your daily style. Whether you choose to look dashing on the regular basis or spot on for special events, the style sticks through thick & thin.

Have limited number because you won’t be wearing it every day

Do you have any other myths or assumptions that we can clear? Ask us here in the comments below.


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