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Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US

The best supporting gym underwear award goes to men's thongs

In this post, you will know about the why mens thong is best gym supporting underwear in upcoming days. Read more here

Yes, yes you heard it right, the best supporting gym underwear goes to men's thongs. No, no, this is not an official underwear award ceremony, it's just our point of view towards male thongs, and why do they deserve your attention?

Men's thong is a great style with a skinny silhouette. Most of you think that this pair of men's underwear is suitable for women. However, the reality is, this pair of lingerie is dedicated to those people who choose fashion and comfort over old-fashioned styles and uncomfortable.

Today thousands of male underwear brands are coming up with stylish pairs of thongs, as a result, the majority of men are opting to wear this type of lingerie. Besides that, thongs offer some great benefits and that is the reason why we feel this style is the best supporting gym underwear. 

Agacio AGK024 The Reverse Thong

Thongs for Men is comfortable

Thongs for men may look diminutive, but the truth is, it offers great support to your manhood. The pouch in the style gives a nice coverage to your male genitals and exposes all those features which deserve others attention. 

The reason to wear it for workout sessions is that it eliminates annoying and awkward occurrences like a wedgie because of which you feel great while working out. This pair of underwear believes in less is more concept. Men who like to wear boxer briefs and briefs for a workout can switch to this pair as it's made for beginners and experts. 

This style is breathable and provides extra breathability to your male genitals. Moreover, the style decreases the chances of sweat buildup by keeping you fresh and dry till the time you are into it. Just make sure to opt for Nylon based thongs. Nylon underwear for men keeps you sweat-free.

Agacio AGK019 Man Thong

Thongs for men provide adequate support

Thongs for men is made out of strong and durable material that swiftly adjust to the contours of the body. Because its high in strength and durable, as a result, you can perform exercises that demand an excessive amount of stretch. Furthermore, the waistbelt in the style is designed from a sturdy elastic material that keeps you supportive during vigorous activities.

Pouch Thong Underwear can be considered for better support.

Raise your confidence

When you know that your manhood is protected, the feeling down there is amazing and there is no need of adjusting the style after every workout, you will surely feel confident. Furthermore, this style of male underwear allows you to flaunt your shapely buns with confidence. Even better, its sleek design will enable you to do it tastefully.

Agacio AGK016 Mesh Thong

Better Hygiene

Better hygiene is something that comes with men thongs naturally, the reason behind that is the lack of excess material. This will less likely to trap sweat as well as the associated bacteria. Moreover, this means that you are less susceptible to infections and illnesses. The best part of owning this pair is you get enough time for other activities as they are easy to wash and hygienic.


The price of underwear often depends on the brand you choose, but laces are generally cheaper. Furthermore, there are brands which offer discounts and deals, especially on special occasions. With these deals, you can easily buy multiple pairs at a reasonable price. In addition to being cheap, the thong easily fits in the closet. Large garments like jeans and shirts already occupy a lot of space, with your thong, you don't have to worry about where to store them. They can easily fit in the smallest space.

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