How to Team up Low Rise Underwear with Jeans?

Posted on February 16 2017

How to Team up Low Rise Underwear with Jeans | Agacio|How to Team up Low Rise Underwear with Jeans | Agacio|Men's Low Rise Underwear | Agacio
If you take a look back at the history of men’s underwear as well as jeans, you’ll find that there have been phases in both. Starting from the conventional ones that were the only options to what they have today in such a plenty. Talking about men’s underwear, all men had were the briefs that were called as tighty whiteys whereas; jeans were bell-bottomed or loose fit with a high waist.

Eventually, time changed and so did the styles! Now, you’d find low waist options that are sexier, slimmer and very appealing to the eyes.

What is low rise underwear?

The collection of low rise underwear for men was brought in the industry to make sure that the low waist pants are fully equipped and do not have those high waistbands popping out of the jeans.

Now the question is, how can you team up both the clothing articles together? This blogs mentioned the different accessories that play an important role to keep both the styles in sync.

Men's Low Rise Underwear | Agacio

Opt for the right low rise apparel style

Whether you choose a pair of bikini underwear for men or men’s briefs that stay low, you need to put in extra thoughts while buying the style. Look up the inventory of Agacio and find yourself a suitable pair that matches your personality and needs.

Wrap around a belt

When you talk about being low in terms of clothes, the biggest problem men face is the shift of the jeans with the underwear and what reveals is the butt crack. Gross!! Nobody wants to see what you have in the back. Hence, take the help of the belt to keep low riding clothing articles sexy and stylish.

Wear an appropriate shirt/t-shirt

It is not all about below the belt accessories that play a part in keeping things fancy, the uppers also are necessary. When you sport low waist jeans, it is important to sync your shirt or t-shirt with the same. If you wear a short t-shirt, bending, stretching or any other physical activity would make the shirt go up and show off your skin. Hence, be careful of that!

Be aware of your stomach bulge

When you want to sport a pair of thong underwear or jockstrap with low rise feature, it is essential for you to see whether you have a flat belly or not. If you have a protruded stomach, you can avoid going for low waist jeans. It would not look appealing in the long run.

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