Slip into comfort, support and sexiness with Agacio Bikinis

Posted on September 21 2017

Slip into comfort, support and sexiness with Agacio Bikinis
With Agacio Underwear, there has never been a ray of doubt that would make the wearer (you) feel whether to pick the men’s underwear style or not. Time and again the brand proved its worth in the industry with the quality pieces that for the male anatomy as well as for your overall personality. The collection of bikini for men has grown from mere 6 products in the inventory to so many just to let men choose their kind of cut as well as pouch option.

Agacio Bikini BriefThe Agacio Bikini Brief was recently added to the brand store’s catalog and is all about hugging you for the most comforting fit below the belt. While there is certain etiquette for bikinis that you need to follow, bikini briefs are easy to adopt and adapt with. The bulky fabric coverage of men’s brief underwear down there with the bikini-styled cuts, you get to feel a fit that is in-between conventional and sexy. What you see in the pair are dual-colored fabrics. The first one (shorter one) covers the front whereas; the lighter shade comforts the seat. The broad waistband has always been what Agacio loved while the pouch is a snug fit contouring one that keeps the fabric close yet protrudes what you have down there.

Agacio Bikini BriefWith 89% polyamide and 11% spandex, it is all about the comfortable feeling and the flexibility that you get to have. There are other new arrivals as well which we’ll talk about in the coming up blogs. You can check them out at


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