Shave off the forest- Men’s Shaving Guide

Posted on October 17 2016

Shave off the forest- Men’s Shaving Guide | Agacio
A clean-shaven man (wherever necessary) is always a charm to look at. Whether it is the face or the intimate areas, shaving has always been a thing for men. Once done, it is an amazing feeling because nothing hides behind the body hair. However, shaving is a technique that has to be done with precision and care if you want to get it right or you’d be bleeding here and there.

This blog would lay down the different aspects of shaving (as a collective word) for the modern man.

1.Importance of Shaving

Well, talking about the importance, shaving does a lot good than bad for your body. From the clean and clear look of your face to the sweat-free feeling as well as itching in the privates, shave can do a lot more than just this. Men being the actual doers, the technique for the privates enhances the look of the manhood (so does for the face).

2.Why is shaving the most appropriate method of shaving, waxing, and trimming?

If you take a look at all the three methods one after the other, you’d understand the actual answer to the question.

i.Trimming: Trimming is a method where either you cut down the forest with a pair of scissors or with a trimmer. It would chop off the heads of the hair but leave the stubble intact. As a result, you’d find the area quite itchy and irritating once you’re done with it.

ii.Waxing: Waxing or manscaping is women’s method of getting rid of the unwanted hair. Adopted by men, the advantage of waxing is that hair doesn’t grow back quickly. However, the amount of pain one has to go through cannot be described in words. I tried getting a patch done on my leg and it was just horrendous. I couldn’t imagine getting it done elsewhere. Might find funny now, but is like seeing heaven at once.

iii.Shaving: Shaving has to be done carefully and once you’re done, the entire area is as smooth as butter. Just like you take time rolling the razor all over your face, it is the same procedure for the rest of the body. It gives you the scope of being careful while removing the hair and not getting burnt by the wax.

Shaving is the easiest method because with the right equipment, you can do it without needing anyone else’s help.

3.What are the instruments used for shaving?

The products needed for a smooth shave are:

a.A quality shaving brush: To make sure that the shaving cream is evenly distributed all over the area

b.Shaving cream: In order to moisturize the area, a good lubricant is necessary and that’s where the shaving cream does its work.

c.Razor: A good quality razor with sharp blades is important. The blunt one might give you bruises but the sharp one would be smooth and crisp while doing its work.

It is very important to clean your below the belt to sport your favorite men’s underwear style. Whether it is your men’s brief underwear or bikinis, cleaning is essential. Same goes for the rest of the body and face.


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