Never mess with Nylon and here are the reasons Why

Posted on September 11 2017

Nylon is your go-to option!!|Man Washing Clotheas|Comfortable
How many fabrics do you think the men’s fashion industry has? 10?? 20?? 30?? And how many of those are available in the men’s underwear industry? With a fabric coming every 6 months or a year, you have multitudes of options for yourself. How many of them do you have in your closet? May be 5 or 7 at the most??

Agacio Harmony Slip ThongNo matter how many fabrics are available, men would always opt for the one that they have been using ever since. They would include cotton, nylon and a few more. Though cotton underwear is still preferred to be the one for them, nylon has no lesser demand among men.

You might want to consider the latter one for all the right reasons. Messing with men’s nylon underwear is a bad idea and here are the reasons to actually adopt them as your personal favorite.

  • You’ll feel like a feather:

    Cotton or any other fabric sounds to be a heavy fabric that keeps a bulky fit around the manhood. However, nylon is made to be lightweight and keep it that way on the assets. This is one reason why nylon is the most picked style for traveling purposes.


  • My nylon strongest:

    While other popular fabrics are prone to wear & tear, nylon is one of the strongest fabric that has a longer shelf life. No matter how much you use it, you would find the pair to come back in shape even after several washes. It won’t die anywhere causing you the embarrassment.

  • Can handle machine wash - sometimes:

    You might have read a lot about what to do with your basic clothing and what not to, which also includes washing the pieces in the machine. Nylon brief underwear is strong and can handle machine wash whereas; thong underwear by the brand would die out sooner than the briefs. You need to figure that yourself because you know the state of your below the belt pieces than we do.

Man Washing Clotheas

  • Does not shrink:

    This aspect is what adds a couple of years to your skivvies. If your underpants shrink, they would be of no use in a matter of no time, but if they don’t, you would have to wait for it to rot and that’s when you’ll discard them. But, nylon does NOT shrink and lose its shape. This also means that it won’t ride up and you wouldn’t have to adjust the fabric while you change positions regardless of the place you are at.

  • Dries faster and absorbs no moisture:

    Why do you think nylon is preferred a lot as men’s swimwear? This is because of the no or minimal moisture absorbency feature. It would repel any substance like oil, water and such when it comes in contact with the same. In addition, this travel companion dries quite faster to be carried along.

Why do you love nylon? Would you choose this fabric or something else when it comes to below the belt fashion? Do let us know in the comments below.


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