Men's Fashion: Make an Everlasting Impression

Posted on June 07 2017

Men's Fashion: Make an Everlasting Impression
Fashion is not just a craze for the ladies. Men all around the world are getting self-conscious. In fact, the appearance and personal style have become judging criteria these days. Whether you believe it or not, the physical appearance contributes a lot in projecting your personality. Your style quotient especially plays a very vital role in creating the first impression. Unlike the old school thought the very impression may not be the last one, but it definitely is an important deciding factor for the future. You must have witnessed the good looking guy catching all the light even though he is not as talented as the not-so-smartly dressed man in the room. Why wait for the people to draw assumptions about if you can straight away make an everlasting impression with your appearance.

Do you think that fashion is not your cup of tea? Do you think that style is all about following the most handsome celebrity around? Here are some effortless tips that can make you rethink and can help you get an edgy look without leaving your comfort zone.


The bright colors and bold prints are definitely attention grabbing. However, you need not go for the gaudy runway styles. Color choices are always tricky for men who prefer staying sober. The best way to stay bang on trend is to choose the color that suits your personality as well as your skin tone. Black, blue, grey, and other classic smattering shades are the best options if the huge variety is confusing you.


Fashion is all about striking the right combination. Regardless of the season, Layering the outfit is always ‘in’. Pairing the tees and shirts with the right style of jackets during winter has always been in trend. Even during hot and humid you can pair the shirt with summer jackets. The layers of this season are sleek and made of thin as well as airy fabric.

Fahionable Man


Other than choosing the right style of outfit, wearing the right fit is equally important. Make sure that the attire is well-tailored and fits your perfectly. The size is one aspect that can make or break your entire look. The clothes should neither be very tight nor baggy. Know your body type and get the outfits tailored accordingly. However, for the over-sized man, it is recommended to go for a size than your actual size. Moreover, the shirts and t-shirts with horizontal and vertical stripe patterns are apt options.


Accessories can stylize even the simplest attire effortlessly. Pair the clothing with the right style of ensemble. Make sure that you have a timeless style of the wristwatch as it can effortlessly boost your fashion quotient. Along with the accessories should be chosen according to the event. For instance, the wristwatch with a leather belt is perfect casual occasion. While the watches with steel belt is ideal for formal occasions. For men the options are limited. However, even the simplest piece of the scarf can add boost your style effortlessly. Just choose the appropriate ensemble and you will surely raise some eyeballs.

Man in Shorts


Not just the formal event, but it is equally important to take care of your looks at casual occasions. The laid back look coupled with a bit of elegance will give you an impressive look. Whether you are at a party or chilling out with your friends at a beach. Be careful about what you’re wearing. Ditch the snazzy slogan t-shirts and sagging jeans. It is not just your clothing that can mess up your impression, even the style of men’s underwear can do the disaster. Do not disgust the people around you with ugly undies on relaxing weekend getaways. Wear a neat pair of long underwear.

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