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Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
Free shipping on orders $50 or more in US
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Look at these fabrics for Mens boxer briefs

Are you looking for mens boxer brief underwear and worry about what fabric you will choose or not? So in this blog read about which fabric suits best your skin...



Boxer brief underwear for men is the collaboration of two different styles, men's boxers and brief underwear for men.

It has a practical underneath male underwear that gives more extensive space to the male genitals to inhale freely. Your men's boxer briefs come with a form-fitting style that covers the 1/3rd portion of your thighs. The best part about this style is it does not bunch or ride up. Men feel more protective due to its anatomical pouch as it offers a great deal of support and enlarges the shape of your manhood.

You can wear mens boxer briefs regardless of the outfit.

Fabrics best for mens boxer brief

There are various fabrics available in the market but the best ones are mentioned below.


Cotton is the most common fabric which is used for the clothing of men and women. It is comfortable and highly affordable. Other reasons why cotton is used in mens boxer briefs are its breathable, airy and cozy. Also, being a lightweight fabric it is light on the skin and highly durable.

Cotton is possessed with features like highly absorbent. Therefore creators prefer using them more often in mens boxer brief underwear so that wearers can feel more comfortable during regular activities. Although cotton-based mens underwear is great for your leisure time and everyday activities, not for your exercise.


Nylon based boxer briefs are another best form of male underwear one can ever get. It’s stretchable, flexible, and light on the skin.

Nylon as fabric comes with micro-fiber construction which fits you snugly. As a result, you get a great shape.

Nylon Mens brief underwear

Just like cotton, nylon male underwear will keep the person dry and can be considered great for gymming and exercising. Men who feel not-so-great in boxer briefs while gymming can switch to styles like mens jockstrap  and male thongs.

It is easy to wash and is a low maintenance fabric so all those tight budget people, try your hands on Nylon mens boxer brief underwear.


After cotton and nylon, the fabric on which we trust the most is Modal. Modal is a gentle fabric that is smooth on the skin. People who are allergic should prefer giving Modal male underwear a shot first before investing in them for a long time as it might irritate people who are hypersensitive or allergic.

Whether it's day or night, pool party, or chilling time, you can wear modal underwear. Men who are expecting an immense amount of support from this delicate pair of clothing, don't. Modal based boxer briefs do not provide huge support like cotton and nylon. This pair of underwear is great for gymming.


Mens underwear made out of spandex is the ultimate form of underwear when it comes to gymming. This fabric is durable and extremely flexible.

Usually, creators combine Spandex with other fabrics to enhance the fitting of lingerie. Besides gymming, you can wear spandex based mens boxer brief underwear every day. Spandex based underwear for men does not cause irritation and suits all your outfits.

Apart from the underwear line, spandex is used in swimsuits, cycling, and other forms of exercises.

Mens Brief Underwear

Someone who is involved in a job which demands running after every few hours, styles like mens boxer brief underwear and brief underwear. Someone who is an extreme fitness freak should also stick to the same styles. The reason is very simple, they offer you immense leg movement and do not ride up as you move from one place to another.

For gymming and exercising, prefer fabrics like Nylon, Modal, and Spandex.

Well, this was about the fabrics. Now, the brand which you should trust in the case of male underwear should be Agacio. From mens bikini to mens brief underwear, Agacio presents you with all the styles. Men who have been looking for erotic styles better look for other websites, as Agacio does not deal with erotic styles of mens underwear.

One can find styles like a male jockstrap, mens thong apart from Bikinis, and male briefs.

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