Go back in time for comfort with Agacio Low Rise Underwear

Posted on August 23 2017

Go back in time for comfort with Agacio Low Rise Underwear | Agacio.com|Man in Underwear|Man in Underwear
Doesn’t the model in the image look killer? He just seems to take the breath away with that slight smile on his face. Well, look past that and you’d find him wearing a conventional men’s underwear which totally suits him. Agacio Underwear is a world famous brand that offers intimate clothing for the men.

Man in UnderwearThe Agacio Basics Low Rise Brief is a low rise underwear for men that intends to keep a modern as well as functional hold on the assets. The lightweight and comfortable tighty whitey are contrived with a fabric composition of 96% modal and 4% spandex that gives you all the more reason to slip into the pair. With the ample amount of comfort, you get to have the best of sweat absorption, breathability, and support to the manhood.

Man in UnderwearTalking about how the pair looks like, it is a conventional style with oodles of fabric supporting the front and back. The perfect pouch for the man with the Sack Lifting technique makes your package look protruded, enhanced and appealingly visible in the pants.

Check out this visually pleasing and functionally rich pair and more at agacio.com.


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