Fashion Basics for Men from Women’s Perspective

Posted on March 17 2017

There are numerous fashion brands available in the market to make you look and feel good about yourself. However, not everything that is meant to worn looks pleasing on your body. Don’t you think so?

You might have felt disgusted to see other guys wearing flashy tees, pointy shoes, or even insane quotations on the t-shirt that made no sense. However, you might not land in this category but would have some other kind of choices that are not liked by women. Men, here it is!! If you want to look good or at least want to impress women, you just can’t try everything that you set your eyes on.

Here are some key clothing articles that women find quite appealing on men. Get ready with the checklist and find where can you improve your dressing sense.

Fitted jeans

There was a time when baggy jeans were in fashion but extremely skinny wasn’t ever meant for men. Hence, choose the fitted jeans that fit you well but doesn’t curb your legs and choke your skin to death. Around 58% women have been reported to have said that men with slightly fitted jeans are hotter than those who opt for tight or loose pairs.

Flat front trousers with crease-less shirt

If you think that pointy fronts are loved by women on an everyday basis, you need to give it a reality check. Though your men’s underwear has contouring pouch for a bigger bulge but the pants with a flat front are more appealing. The pouch enhancing thongs are perfect for the time like parties or special occasions. However, going extreme with the visibility can look odd. Crease-less shirts are another turn-on for women.


Plain t-shirts

Like we mentioned above, nasty quotations, as well as absurd graphic prints, can become very odd for women. T-shirts are a must-have clothing article for every man. From the Polo T-shirts to the Crew neck options, there’s a lot for men to choose from. However, make sure you abstain from wearing huge prints or quotes that make you look weird or absurd.

Fine shoes

How can somebody miss the kind of shoes a man wears? They simply cannot be ignored as they are the medium of understanding a man’s personality. Hence, a good pair of shoes is what women notice in your attire and you should choose according to the outfit. Whether you choose leather loafers or Suede or even Derbies for that matter, every style has its own charm and class.

Try out these ideas and get ready to give out a lasting impression. Did we miss anything up there? Do let us know in the comments section.


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