Differences Between Boxer Briefs and Trunk

Posted on September 13 2016

Differences Between Boxer Briefs and Trunk | Agacio

If you have noticed in the men’s underwear industry, one of the most confusing aspects is to choose between men’s boxer brief underwear and trunks. You’d find the variety of brands interchanging the aspects or the characteristics of the respective style make it difficult for men to understand the styles as individuals. On the contrary, it is important for you to know that the sporty styles are quite similar by looks keeping aside the basic differences.

Confusing? Well, it is equally difficult for one and all to understand yet I will lay down the differences for you. I hope these differences will help clear your head on the basic level.


a)The very first characteristic of boxer brief underwear is that they are comparatively long and cover an extended part of the legs. Agacio boxer briefs are available in a variety of lengths and coverage. Starting from the short lengths, it goes to the mid-thighs.

b)A functional fly is an essential feature of the boxer briefs that provides an easy access to the goods in times of trouble and emergency.

c)The conventional boxer briefs featured back seams in the rear that highlight the butts for the good, making them look appealing and rounder.


a)In comparison to the boxer briefs, men’s trunks are way shorter in the length as well as the coverage. You’d find them not longer than just below the manhood’s edge. For example, If you look at this product, you’d understand better. Check here.

b)Trunks do not feature the functional fly. The style has a smooth front pouch that keeps provokes men to go up and above when needed.

c)They do not have back seams. Why is it so? Well, the length of the style is short and hence the seams are not needed. In fact, most of the pairs you’ll find are seamless.

The men's underwear reviews page gives you true feedback and helps you to know more about men's boxer brief and men's trunk underwear.

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