The Basic Etiquette of Buying Men's Bikini's

Posted on August 09 2017

The Basic Etiquette of Buying Men's Bikini's|Do's|DON’TS
Men's bikini, one of the most stylish attires in the undergarments section are widely loved and encouraged by the male population around the world. However, the respective men's underwear has basic rules when it comes to the selection of the attire. Doing them in the right way can result in an overall impressive profile. “But, why do we need basic rules and regulations for selecting an underwear? That doesn’t make any sense!” - It is because, they are only garment that stays close to your body. So, the more comfortable you feel inside, the more it reflects on your outer attire.

Agacio Bikini BriefThe below blogs lists out certain do's and don'ts that men can keep in mind before buying the attires for themselves. Hop on to the below points to know more.

  • DO’S


    • Choose the right cuts

      The Men’s bikinis comes with a variety of sexy cuts which not only leaves a little to the imagination but also helps in flaunting your well-chiseled body. Some of them can be donned for special occasions while the others can be used to flaunt your abs at the beach or the pool parties. This point clearly indicates that they can be a good motivator too. If you feel that your body isn’t prepared for an sexy apparel, you need to get off the couch, grab the shoes and start running to loose some pounds. Bikini’s look ravishing on a well-toned body hence, if you like compliments, I guess you should work for them as well.

    • Opt for the right size

      Grab a notepad to note down your measurements neatly. The online websites provide a size chart that can help you to pick the right one according to your measurements. Since, the online shopping does not allow you to touch, feel or try the product, it is advisable to be careful while selecting the product. Otherwise, they can end up in unnecessary hassles like an exchange, return and so on.

    • Keep an eye on fabrics

      The fabric is an arrow that is linked with comfort directly. The construction of the above men's underwear involves a wide range of materials like cotton, nylon, polyester, modal etc. These are blended with the right composition of polyamide or spandex that ensures the perfect combination of stretch, comfort, and style down there.

  • DON’TS


    • Don’t feel awkward to don the style

      Many of us can feel awkward to don the style as we may feel that they are too revealing. However, you need to believe the fact that it feels uncomfortable only for the first time. But then, when you receive compliments like, "Hot body of the day, who's that hottie!" and so on can make you feel and look sexy. It also boosts up your confidence level that wont let you feel the awkwardness again.

    • Don’t buy the wrong size

      Buying the wrong size is one of the crucial underwear mistakes. This results in unwanted hassles like fashion disasters, return, exchange, wastage of time and money. Hence, make sure to note the size chart before making a decision.

    • Always choose the quality over the quantity

      Giving preference to money can save some dollars in your pocket at the cost of compromising on the quality of the underwear. This problem at be solved by choosing an appropriate branded underwear store like Agacio which offers quality products without compromising on anything. The rates are also affordable that solves the mentioned problem.

Agacio Slip BikiniAbove are some of the rules and regulations for grabbing the right men’s bikini. Use them to choose the right attire from a sea of options available at


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