All You Should Know About Men’s Brief Underwear

Posted on June 08 2016

All You Should Know About Men’s Brief Underwear|Agacio Zotico Live Classic Brief Royal Blue
Men have stopped looking at brief underwear as they used to because of the new men’s underwear styles have emerged and have gained a lot of popularity. However, there are guys who cannot survive without stepping into the snug fit tighty whiteys and are head over heels for the conventional pairs.

This blog would brief you about the supportive style and its aspects that must be considered when you opt for the same.


Men’s briefs underwear are the most commonly worn intimate apparel. The tiny construction fits the right places and stretches till the navel. Covers the assets as well as the rear to the fullest and supports the manhood.

Types of Briefs

The fashionable style started off with high-rise briefs that came for one and all. Eventually, the category was further diversified in accordance with changing trends (men’s outfits) and their needs.

Low Rise Briefs: This kind gained popularity when low waist jeans came into fashion. In order to hide the popping waistbands, low rise briefs were introduced. These are ones that are most preferred by men today. They sit low below the waistline to maintain a low profile.

Mid Rise Briefs: Mid Rise Briefs rest exactly on the natural waistline. Conventional brands still manufacture mid rise briefs targeting the older generation.

Further to this men’s boxer brief and men’s boxer shorts is an addition or an elongated version of men’s briefs with the unique construction of it. Know more about the fashionable and supportive boxer briefs here.

Agacio Zotico Live Classic Brief Royal Blue


Support: Briefs are known for its undying support the pairs provide the male anatomy. With just the right coverage, the double layer of fabric adds on to the support and enhancement of the pieces. The structure of the undergarment is so that a man might feel steady and under control down there.

Snug fit: Snug fit ensures steady and conformed fit to the male anatomy. The contouring pouch is designed to stick close to the manhood and serve the need of the hour.


Full coverage: The first thing to notice is the full frontal and rear coverage provided by the briefs. The full seat coverage allows more comfort on the rear yet leaves the legs for the show.

Elastic waistband: Although elastic waistband can be found in other styles too but, it was introduced in briefs for the first and has been a part of the same till now. It keeps everything together with a strong grip on the waist.

Contoured pouch: Contoured pouches are the ones that hold and lift the manhood to an elevated position. You can find the unique Sack Lifting technique as the one offered by Agacio.


Low sperm count: As the experts say, more time spent in briefs can cause infertility or low sperm count. The snug fit causes heat that can kill the fertility of the male anatomy. However, the only solution to this would be letting your manhood breathe better after being the pairs for some time.

With this information, it’ll be easier for you to shop the sexy and supportive style from What do you think of the blog? Did I miss out on something? Do let us know in the comments below.


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