All About Agacio Underwear

Posted on February 08 2016

Agacio Underwear
You might have bought your men’s underwear from Agacio, but do you know the brand very well? As this is the first blog for the super comfy label, we’ll talk about some of the unique aspects of Agacio that makes it different from the other apparel brand in the industry.

Let us look at the various features of Agacio men’s underwear.

1. Made by men: The brand says it about itself that, “Designed by men for men”. Agacio follows a simple mantra that “men know men” and they craft or manufacture styles that are needed by the male anatomy as well as the modern generation.

2. Name: Pronounced as “AgaSSIO”, the Greek word means “Good” and the brand makes sure that whatever they manufacture is good for the wearers. Agacio was introduced in the industry in 2013.

3. Comfort: Comfort is the word around which the brand revolves. Agacio believes that it is only comfort that is required by the male anatomy at the most basic, then only fit, style and designs step into the scene. Comfort is something that should not be compromised with. Hence, the label incorporates some of the most luxurious fabrics and delectable compositions in order to add comfort to the day-to-day routine. Even the assortment of men’s thong underwear or jockstraps falls soft on the skin.

4. Enhancing technique: Agacio features a ‘perfect pouch for man’ that enhances the visibility of the package. The unique Sack Lifting technique ensures that the manhood is kept at an elevated position where it is visible even in the pants. This prevents the manhood from chafing as well as keeps everything together.

5. Styles: The label has seen many phases out of which from-manly-colors-phase to vibrant-colors-phase is the most memorable one. Agacio offers a delectable an assortment of men’s brief underwear, boxers, bikinis and jockstraps for men that range the gamut in color and design.

6. Fabrics: You’ll find numerous fabric compositions in the various lines of apparel. However, the most common one is 96% modal and 4% spandex for a lightweight and soft fit on the body. Other fabrics used by the brand are polyester, polyamide, cotton, spandex and more.

These are a few things you might or might not know about Agacio. Well! Agacio is about the comfort revolution in men’s underwear and till now, the label has been doing really well. However, if you have never worn Agacio; you won’t be able to relate to the feeling. Hence, it is the right time to get one to experience comfort.


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