Add warmth and comfort with Agacio Long Underwear

Posted on October 30 2017

Add warmth and comfort with Agacio Long Underwear
With all the men’s underwear styles being incorporated in the fashion industry, the chances of being dressed correctly is very trippy. The brands are working very hard to bring forth newer collections every time a new assortment is launched to satisfy the cravings of the below the belt fashion. One of the styles that have been quite popular ever since its introduction is men’s long underwear. Though the style has been there for ages, the recognition is new. Agacio Underwear has a lot of options in the category and is worth your purchase for all the right reasons.

Agacio Long Boxer Underwear

The Agacio Long Boxer Stripes is one of the most popular design that has been with the brand and you totally need to stay in sync with it. Talking about “winter is coming”, long coverage is certainly the beneficial part for you. The low rise underwear is designed to stay low whereas the pouch pumps up the visibility to keep you in check. With a defining fit on the legs, it is the striped-design that covers the assets and makes your below the belt look handsome. The pouch stands out and allows you stay safe from chafing or abrasions too.

With a unique fabric blend of 42% cotton, 50% polyester, and 8% spandex, you already know that feeling of warmth, support, and durability. Go ahead and find out more at


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