5 Things you should never do with your Underwear

Posted on May 10 2017

5 thinks you should never do with your underwear | Agacio|Washing Underwear n Hot Water|||Underwear In Direct Sun Heat|Bleaching Underwear|Sorting Then Washing|Rinse Underwear
Wonder why the color of your  mens underwear fades, the fabric feels worn and the elastic becomes saggy after few washes? This is a common problem faced by every man around. Regardless of the amount you invest and the brand you choose, this is one issue that seems never-ending. It is not always the product and brand that is to be blamed. It is actually a consequence of how you maintain your undies. Leave behind taking extra precautions, men are always reluctant to do the laundry at the first place. However, if you wanna make your favorite underwear last longing, then, you’ll have to take certain precaution in it’s maintenance.

I’ve put down certain things that you need to avoid doing with your underneath article. Have a look.

Do not wash in hot water

Washing Underwear n Hot Water

Hot water is good at killing germs, but it can shrink some kind of fabric. Moreover, hot water can make color run and fade as well. The delicate and sturdy fabric of men’s underwear may result in abrasion after getting soaked in warm water. After few washes, the clothes starts showing wear and tear. Moreover, the elastic of the waistband tends to stretch when kept in heat. The rapid heating and cooling distort the polymer structure of rubber. Thus, leading to a drooping waistband.

Do not use hot dryer


Men do not have the patience to wait for the undies to dry. This is the reason why most of you restore to using hot dryers that generate an average heat up to 180 F. The drying tools have the same effect as that of the hot water. It stretches out the elastic which results in saggy fabric and loose waistbands. Also, heat increases the friction of fabrics against each other. This leads to the dullness of colors.

Do not leave in direct sun ray

Underwear In Direct Sun Heat

As mentioned above, use of hot dryer on the underwear should be avoided. Leaving them to dry in open is the best way. However, leaving the undies in the direct ray of the sun has adverse effects. The UV rays of the sun not only have a harmful effect on the skin of an individual but on the fabric of the clothes as well. It fades away the color and the ruptures the basic texture of the fabric. Dry your undies in the shade where it is away from the sunlight, but exposed to fresh air.

Do not bleach

Bleaching Underwear

The undergarments are prone to sweat stains. Which makes bleaching inevitable. Bleach is perfect for heavy duty washing. While the skivvies are lightweight and may not withstand the harsh effect of the same. Moreover, not every underwear is made of cotton. Bleach weaken the microfiber used in crafting your undergarment. Go with the conventional ways of dealing with the unruly stains. Soak it in detergent and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it gently after that and you’ll retain the condition of the apparel.

Do not wash without sorting

Sorting Then Washing

Keeping your white underwear white is the biggest challenge. Make sure that you sort the undies before washing them. Keep the white underwear and the colorful clothes separately. The colorful apparel may bleed and stain your undies.

Do not rinse it harshly

Rinse Underwear

Rinsing the underneath articles harshly is another reason for the worn outs. Rub the apparel gently, especially the elastic part. Rinse the waistband or the straps of the jockstrap underwear with a soft hand. Otherwise, it may get stretched and start sagging.

Just a bit of precaution may prevent your style from cramping. Follow the instructions, check mens underwear reviews and take the best care of your underwear.


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