5 Reasons to stay in sync with Long Underwear

Posted on June 21 2017

5 Reasons to stay in sync with Long Underwear|Agacio Long Underear|Men's Long Underwears
" One underwear for all the occasions is a myth." -  This is what my boyfriend expressed to the sales representative at the local store that we visited. He needed some new undergarments for his business trip. The representative tried his best to impress John (My Bf) with the products at the store but, all in vain. John further said, " If an underneath attire provides the needed comfort then, it lacks in presenting the right profile. If it provides the right sex appeal then, it lacks in comfort. This is like a circle " Maybe he was right till he started surfing the online stores. Shopping online has a lot of options when compared to the regular ones. Finally, he dug out an apparel that could satisfy him in all phases. The surprising thing of this search journey was that he wanted only a long underwear that could serve him all the above purposes. I many times asked him that why was he so obsessed with these long undies when they feel so congested in summers. His reply astonished me that I decided to give a try myself. The undies have five benefits that lacks in other modern styles of men’s underwear. Scan on to know more about the perks.

1. Full Coverage

Unlike the other modern undies, the above underneath garment provides a full coverage of the assets. It doesn't feel awkward in the changing rooms while at the gym. Usually, I prefer jockstraps because they are supportive but, they lack in coverage which leads to embarrassment at the locker rooms. However, donning a long underwear was comfortable comparatively because it provides a full coverage.

Men's Long Underwear

2. More Supportive

The pouch incorporated in this underneath garment provides enough support to the genitals. It holds the junks together to keep them protected and centered. This makes it a preferred option for men who hate the dangling feeling down there.

Agacio Long Boxers

3. Provides an impressive front profile

The pouch of some of this men’s underwear comes with a sack-lifting technology that lifts the assets to present an impressive profile. This structural pouch takes the shape of the pouch which can add some spice to your intimate affairs. The shapely attire can leave your partner perplexed for the night.

4. Fashionable colors and prints

Gone are the days when briefs were available only in tighty-whitey colors. Now the style of underneath fashion is available in flashy shades and prints that can add some colors to the underneath wardrobe collection. Some of them like the collections from Agacio are awe-striking.

5. Keeps the genitals comfortable

The fabric composition incorporated in the long underwear for men ensures enough stretch and comfort down there. The materials used in these are more of the sweat and moisture wicking type. The examples of the fabrics used here are cotton and nylon. A blend of spandex or LYCRA is used here sometimes that ensures the best of stretch and comfort down there.

For instance, let us consider the Agacio Long Boxer Horizontal Stripes. These form-fitting briefs come with the winsome color combination that adds more light and diversity to your underwear collection. The sack-lifting technology presents an impressive profile below the belt. The same can be a spicy ingredient for the intimate affairs. The fabric composition used in these includes 70% Nylon, 22% Polyester, 8% Spandex which ensures the flexibility and comfort down there.

Agacio Long UnderwearAbove are some of the attractive features that make the long underwear a must for every men’s wardrobe. Grab one of these from the online stores of Agacio.com to enjoy the benefits of these long undies.


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